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If you are looking for a classic choice of gate for your home, iron driveway gates are exactly what you need. Although they are quite expensive, nothing rivals their durability and availability of designs. However, you would also expect some maintenance jobs down the road in order to keep them in their best shapes. Here are DIY maintenance tips for iron driveway gates.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is one of the most effective ways you can do to improve the longevity of your iron driveway gates. You might be thinking that these gates are clean as the rain washes the dirt away, but the truth is that rain just leave behind damaging elements to the finish of your gate. With this in mind, it is advisable that you make use of a gentle soap in order to spruce up the specs of dirt. Also, it would be a better idea to have the gate dried by your hands in order to thoroughly remove any chalky residue.

Rust Prevention

Iron driveway gates can be susceptible to rust. To spare your gates from the damaging effect of rust, it is highly recommended that you choose a quality gate that comes with a rust-proof features. Alternatively, you can also make use of rust removal primer on your iron driveway gates. Keep in mind that keeping your gates clean will surely go a long way for the prevention off rusts.

Removal of rust

If you spot new build-up of rust, there is a need for you to flake off your gates right away. You can do this by means of using sandpaper. If you disregard this procedure, chances are you will be dealing with larger spots of rust in the next few days.

Repaint as necessary

Furthermore, you are advised to have them repainted in order to make them look new. Although most parts of your gate are still fine but there are also lots or rust, it is important to repaint your gate in order to restore hinder the rust and restore their original looks. Sanding down your iron driveway gates can help in the removal of loose paint. Apart from that, you would also find it very beneficial to use a rust inhibitor before painting your gate with a metal primer. Finally, get the job done with a final coat.

These are DIY tips that you can ponder on for your iron driveway gates. However, if certain issues are already beyond your control, it is highly recommended that you settle with the help of an expert gate repair service company like Gate Repair Ojai CA. Only these professionals are capable of dealing with major gate repair works.

Apart from gate repair services, Gate Repair Ojai CA also offers installation services of any type of gate including iron driveway gates. Granted, there are a number of DIY things that one can follow in order to maximize the efficiency of their iron driveway gates. However, larger repair issues need to be resolved by highly trained experts from Gate Repair Ojai CA.

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